Observability 101: Monitoring your app is not about devops

Going to production is the dream that every developer has when he begins in software development and, especially in the web, but when everything fails many times we do not know what to do and preparing for it is key. Today, after the rise of DevOps as a culture in agile organizations and SRE (Site Reliability Engineering), we see more and more – increased in companies – the monitoring of our applications as a fundamental piece to ensure stability.

In this talk I will seek to demystify the fact that “only DevOps / SRE should monitor” and I will talk about the importance, using real examples, that all members of a team (especially devs) know the data and the health of their application, with a real example of web performance and how this can change programming paradigms if you are a Front-end Developer.

Using observability as a basis, we will see how to configure the basic monitoring of a real application (my personal blog) today in the cloud with a Jamstack type stack and free tools. With the above, whoever views this talk will have, in addition to the concepts, a clear understanding of what monitoring is and how to configure it in their web app.