From Cobol to Node with DevOps

COBOL, the mother of all cross-platform programming languages, is still in use after 62 years, is still in production
in a lot of important systems in both the private and public sectors.

There is numerous way for interoperability from Cobol, for .Net, Python and Java as well. Both didn’t succeed in cornering and replacing Cobol and don’t think NodeJS will.

But what we are sure of is the growing shortage of programmers and the lack of interest of the new generations in this language.

So thanks to the node.js-COBOL integration we can have a bridge giving us the possibility to have a modern stack without a rewritten of an enormous amount of Cobol code.

This talk is based on an experiment for a customer that wanted to see if there is a way to keep running old systems at the same time that new features are added for new devices therefor a DevOps holistic approach was required to maintain the coherence of the whole landscape.